30 Days of Heaven on Earth

Seven years ago I began to encourage the saints to observe 30 Days of Heaven on Earth with me. I am doing so again beginning today and extending for the rest of June 2011.
The observance is simple. Each day join me by praying “…Thy Kingdom come Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven”. It is my conviction that doing this once a year for 30 days will help us put Christ’s Kingdom in the forefront of our activities throughout the year. Seeking first the Kingdom of God was Jesus’s instruction to us. In Side Lake we are purposing to show the DVD “Jesus” nightly at 7:00 pm as we are able. It will be accompanied by an offer to pray for and with all that respond. We will be asking God to save souls, heal the sick, and work miracles in response to faith in the name of Jesus. As able I will be trying to get the word out on Facebook, Twitter, and email as well. Please plug in as God leads you.

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