30 Days Update

As we gathered for prayer this evening,  several blessings came to mind. First, bonds of fellowship  are being strengthened as we observe 30 Days of Heaven on Earth.  We welcome Elvis and Clara from Omaha and rejoice with them for the addition of little Jeshua to their household. Bruce from Cambridge, Kevin from Hibbing, Michelle from Oklhoma, Joyce from Washington, Tom from South Dakota, and Dan from Chicago have all responded to our prayer invitation. Second, Lloyd from Toivola and Joanne from California joined our first viewing of the Jesus video.  Their presence accented our time of intercession and Lloyd announced that he will be with us at the end of the month to teach and minister deliverance, details to follow.  Third, as the Holy Spirit gave witness to the Jesus video (which is a narrative based on Luke’s Gospel), we are praying about showing it in other venues as He directs. Let us know if you have any suggestions. Finally, several themes are emerging as prophetic words come forth.  ”Get ready”, ” Faith rather than fear”, “Anticipation concerning God’s promises to Us”, and “Growing hunger for God and His Kingdom purposes”.  When we pray  ”Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven we can expect it to happen!

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