The Wait

All of us are called to wait on the Lord. I am finding that self-publishing and distributing  a book can be a drawn out process.  Now the wait is on for my target audience to read, discuss, and reply.  I am encouraged by the many biblical examples of those who had to wait. Abraham, Joseph, and Moses are certainly at the top of the list. Then I think of Jesus, who was slain before the foundation of the world.  Together with the Father and the Holy Spirit, true waiting is manifest.  It translates into that Godly attribute we call long-suffering.  Can we in turn become more like God as we wait?  Do God’s purposes require this process to unfold? I believe so.  What are you waiting for?  Yield to the transformation that only waiting can produce.

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2 Responses to The Wait

  1. jkrhin says:

    Feel free to contact me further. Waiting on God is a key to kingdom success

  2. jkrhin says:

    You are very welcome.

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