School of Ministry

A historic event unfolded yesterday at Living Stones Fellowship House of Refuge. The School of Ministry was born! It may seem like a small event
at first glance, but I believe it will greatly enable Living Stones Fellowship to fulfill Christ’s Great Commision via all of its locations, present and future.
Will you pray for this effort as it unfolds?. Also, you can connect with the
School of Ministry and all the rest of our ministries at our new developing website . To God be the glory!

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2 Responses to School of Ministry

  1. Janie Shepherd says:

    I’m really excited about LSF SOM! Where do I go to sign up?

    • jkrhin says:

      Hi Janie,
      You can listen to the first lectures/discussions by going to and selecting the School of Ministry or Resources links. Either should give you an option to listen to the podcasts.
      Likewise, forums for the courses offered will be developing also where you can weigh in on the course material, ask questions, etc. . We will email you the printed material for Julies course on spiritual gifts as well as the outline for the course I am presenting. My book, YATT, will supplemental to the lectures and referred to periodically.

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